There are traits that can be directly damaging in certain situations; Hogan has a scale to measure this, including:

Dive into the Dark Side

Excitable seem calm to the point of appearing
to lack passion or urgency
display dramatic emotional peaks
and valleys regarding people and projects
Skeptical seem trusting to the point
of naïveté
are negative or cynical and
expect to be betrayed
Cautious are willing to take risks
without adequate risk assessment
are reluctant to take
risks regardless of risk assessment
Reserved are too concerned about
the feelings of others
are indifferent to the
feelings of others
Leisurely appear to lack an agenda
or direction
are passive-aggressive
and agenda driven
Bold appear to lack self-confidence
and resolve
seem assertive, selfpromoting,
and overly self-confident
Mischievous are conservative,
compliant, and likely unadventurous
are impulsive, limittesting,
and at times, devious
Colorful are modest, unassuming,
quiet, and self-restrained
are attention-seeking,
dramatic, and socially prominent
Imaginative are practical, rely on
routine, and often lack new ideas
may seem impractical,
unpredictable, and offer unusual ideas
Diligent have poor attention to
detail and tend to over delegate
are picky, overly conscientious,
and tend to micromanage
Dutiful are overly independent
and seem to resent authority
are excessively eager to
please superiors


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There are other, cheaper scales as well: such as:

Personality Disorder Test – Personality TestResults

This is a test to help determine if you have a personality disorder.

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