As with so many activities, networking is a craft to be learnt. If done well..  It benefit both you and your network..

Here are some advice from a leading researcher in the field.

  • For  network to have value, it needs to have relevant and potentially strategically important contacts.
  • Networking is a skill to be developed, some have a natural talent, which makes it easier to get started; but all have to work at the craft.
  • Make deliberate choices of whom to network with, and make it diverse. By only doing it “naturally”, one often ends up with people similar to oneself; resulting in a  “narcissistic and lazy” network.
  • Networking can be mutually beneficial, even instrumental ones. Think about Adam Grant’s book: “Give and take”, and how a network should allow you to practice giving, as well as receiving.
  • Work on maintain a balance between those you have strong ties with high quality connections and trusted advisers AND weak ties. The latter will offer impulses and opportunities diverse from your normal circle.


Read the full article here:

5 Misconceptions About Networking

A good network keeps you informed. Teaches you new things. Makes you more innovative. Gives you a sounding board to flesh out your ideas. Helps you get things done when you’re in a hurry. And, much more (see my recent Lean In video on how networks augment your impact).

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