The requirements to get a job in academia, change depending on the stage of ones career. This article sums up what is commonly required at the different stages.

I found it interesting that there is no mention of teaching, though this may be because in the USA, one is asked to give a lecture, as part of the evaluation process. But for those of us coming to the tail end of our PhD’s, what matters most is publishing, and in this, conference presentations are also count. However, only presentations in peer-reviewed outlets. The more rigorous the peer-review, the better; which may explain why book chapters do not count as much.

Worth reading!

Which Publications Matter at Which Stages of Your Career?

As a newly tenured associate professor, I am already fielding requests to be an external reviewer for tenure-and-promotion cases at other colleges. I have yet to accept those requests because I’m about to be chair of my department and frankly, I’d like to settle into my new rank and duties before I take on even more professional responsibilities.


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