Many studies and findings are questioned as a replications fail. When some are approached about possible weaknesses, like Amy Cuddy (and with her mentor Susan Fiske at her back), they fight tooth and nail.

Others do it differently. A finding Dan Ariely has based part of his popular success on, namely that by making people promise to be honest before they fill out a form, rather than after, has a big effect; was called into question.

Ariely conducted the experiment again, with 20 times as many participants, found no effect, and published the results, stating he no longer believes in the effect.

— The way it should be done. REad about it here:

When We’re Wrong, It’s Our Responsibility as Scientists to Say So

Tax season is upon us. Although 95 percent of Americans believe it is their civic duty to pay their fair share of taxes, each year, billions of dollars are lost to fraudulent tax reporting. In fact, according to the IRS, during 2008-2010 (the most recent data), $387 billion was lost each year to underreporting, with individual taxpayers accounting for $264 billion of this.

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